Store batteries safely to reduce fire risks

Published on April 25, 2014 by Sam DiGiovanna

Those little nine-volt batteries that you changed last month from your smoke detector or just keep around in drawers could pose a serious fire hazard if not stored correctly.

The batteries could start a fire if surrounded by the wrong items. Several house fires have been reported caused by the batteries.

Fires have been attributed to nine-volt batteries where both the positive and negative leads have made contact with aluminum foil, a metal pen, or some type of metallic object. All you need is for a metal object like steel wool a paper clip, pen short out across the top of a nine-volt battery and ignite paper or other easily ignited materials and you’ll have a potential disaster in your home.

It doesn’t take much to heat a metallic object or cause a spark in order to start a fire.

Make sure your nine-volts are separated if they are out of their packaging. Another tip is to cover the tops of your nine-volts with electrical tape to make sure that the tops of them never


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